We are keen to develop healthy eating habits in all our children. Healthy eating is part of the school curriculum.


School Dinners: All children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 classes are entitled to a free school meal as part of the Governments Free School Meals initiative. If you are in receipt of any benefits then please do let the school know as this information is used to obtain additional funding for the school.

We cook all of our own hot lunches in the school kitchen rather than have them delivered from another school. We serve fresh healthy home cooked meals that do not contain processed food, but have high levels of fresh fruit and vegetables purchased from local suppliers. We also use seasonal produce from the school vegetable garden.

The menu is sent out for the beginning of each term and is based on a three-week cycle. Children can choose the menu meal, a vegetarian option, a sandwich or a jacket potato.


Milk: Break time milk is currently free to all children within Reception and KS1.

Snack: All children receive a piece of fresh fruit each morning.

At our school, we place great importance on food and healthy diets.

All children cook regularly in our school. Cooking involves reading, maths and science in a practical way. Children learn about a balanced diet and healthy eating. They love preparing food and eating it!

Food and cooking form an essential part of many topics, whether it is trying food from 'Around the world' or cooking meals from the past in 'Homes long ago'.